“Explore the wonders of Bastar as our tour guides you through the enchanting destinations of Jagdalpur, Chitrakot, Tambadaghumar, Mendri Ghumar, Tirathgad, Dantewada, and Dongaragad. Delve into the vibrant tapestry of tribal traditions, experience the energy of local celebrations, and be mesmerized by the picturesque landscapes that unfold at every stop. Join us on this journey for a memorable fusion of cultural immersion and natural beauty.”

Nagpur to Dongaragad to Raipur
Day 01.

Nagpur to Dongaragad to Raipur

Begin your journey from Nagpur as you set out to explore the Bastar region. Your first stop is Dongaragad, where you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and scenery. Later, continue your trip to Raipur, a vibrant city known for its historical and cultural significance.

Day 02.

Raipur to Rajim to Champaranya to Jagadalpur

On this day, your adventure takes you from Raipur to Rajim, where you can explore the rich heritage and architecture of the region. Continue your journey to Champaranya, known for its religious importance. Finally, arrive in Jagadalpur, your gateway to the Bastar district.

raipur to rajim to champaran to jagdalpur
Jagadalpur to Chitrakot to Mendri Ghumar to Tambda Ghumar to Jagadalpur
Day 3.

Jagadalpur to Chitrakot to Mendri Ghumar to Tambda Ghumar to Jagadalpur*

Explore Jagadalpur, a town steeped in culture and history. Your day includes a visit to Chitrakot, where you’ll witness the stunning Chitrakot Waterfalls. Afterward, venture into the scenic beauty of Mendri Ghumar and Tambda Ghumar, surrounded by lush landscapes. Return to Jagadalpur for a relaxing evening.

Day 4.

Jagadalpur to Tirathagad to Dantewada to Jagadalpur

Embark on a day of exploration as you leave Jagadalpur to visit Tirathagad, a site of historical and cultural significance. Your journey then takes you to Dantewada, where you can delve into the local heritage. Return to Jagadalpur in the evening.

Day 5.

Jagadalpur to Dhamteri to Nagpur

Bid farewell to Jagadalpur as you head to Dhamteri, a place offering its own unique experiences. Take in the sights and memories you’ve gathered during your journey as you make your way back to Nagpur, concluding your Bastar Tour.

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